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Study Done By NHTSA Says Car Crashes Impact On US Reaches $871 Billion Part III

The economic cost of motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. is the equivalent of 1.9 percent of the $14.96 trillion gross domestic product (GDP) in 2010. Factors contributing to the price tag include productivity losses, property damage, medical and rehabilitation costs, congestion costs, legal and court costs, emergency services, insurance administration costs and the costs […]

Industry Changes Are Coming, Will You Be Okay?

It’s true that there has been a great deal of information surrounding the topic of Ford’s upcoming release of the 2015 F150 and its military-grade aluminum alloy body and high-strength steel frame. The Collision Industry has been rocked out of its comfort zone. Some in the industry have been reduced to sheer panic while others are […]

Is Walmart Offering Car Insurance?

  Walmart has jumped into the auto insurance arena, or have they? When I first saw this I was like “What?” Okay, I didn’t say it exactly like that but I was really surprised. Then I did the homework. I don’t that it would have too much of a reach to think that Walmart would […]

How To Get Rid Of The Parts Department Middle Man Part II

  April 23, 2014—PartsTrader announced Wednesday that it has completed the national deployment of its electronic parts procurement system. When PartsTrader first rolled out in 2013, a considerable amount of opposition was met almost immediately. The reason for this opposition was due to the system’s inclusion of State Farm Insurance’s Select Service DRP. State Farm was quick […]