How You Can Help Your Customer’s Get Ready To Sell Their Used Car

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February 17, 2014
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February 19, 2014
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How You Can Help Your Customer’s Get Ready To Sell Their Used Car

Once you get your name out the as a PDR Technician, or to help you get your name out there, you should offer your customer’s and would be customer’s an opportunity to print out your pdf instructions on ‘How To Get Your Used Car Ready To Sell’. This is a document that you will create. You’ll fill it full of some helpful suggestions, but as it applies to your PDR services, you will want to plant the idea in their head and then offer a coupon that they can apply to your services. With coupons, when you create them, you will want to raise your prices so that you aren’t taking a hit when they use the coupon for your services. You don’t want to go crazy with the price raising or you will lose their interest. There’s a fine line when doing this and you will have to decide which side of that line you want to be on. You want your customer to feel like they just got the deal of a lifetime.

So what you will include in your newsletter or flyer is, if online, the link to your pdf checklist adding the following:

1. Deep Cleaning-You will want to mention all of the places where dirt resides and that 85% of sellers forget is in the seams of the upholstery. Also, as it pertains to upholstery, you will want to include your services for removing smells, taking out stains, and bringing the upholstery back to its long lost color and luster as it was when new. You can color the seats very easily removing sun damage and so much more. Don’t forget to add the price.

2. Windshield Damage and Dents-Be sure to offer these services and offer a package deal.

3. Advertising-Be sure to instruct your customer’s to be honest about their car. If it needs work, don’t try to mask it, fix it or let them know what estimates you received for the fix.

If you think of more just add it to your pdf/flyer. If you need ideas or any help contact Paintless Dent Repair Academy, we’re here to help.