A Series On Marketing For A PDR Technician Part I

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Collision repair is just as strong, if not stronger, than ever and is in high demand. This would be the first thing that a PDR Technician needs to understand. Leave the negativity at the door and get ready to delve into how to get your information out to the public so that you can grow your business instead of just existing. Just like life, your business will only grow if you move forward, if you stay stationary and become complacent, so will your business and your life.

In collision repair, you’re only popular when the customer needs your services, like after an accident. So reaching out and attempting to drum up business may not pay dividends in the immediate but will in the long run. You need to keep your eye on the big picture and not get tripped up on the little. It takes tenacity and perseverance to get to Gold, any athlete will tell you that.

Keep in mind that when the customer does need you, while they leave with the satisfaction of returning their previously owned product to its original luster, they aren’t walking away with something new, just something fixed.  So you have to keep in mind, while you are excited with the success that you have had with the restoration to factory release, your customer may be just mildly impressed. On the other hand, you may get a customer who is a true car enthusiast who completely appreciates the beauty and art form in the work that you do. In fact, they may be just darn impressed. I mention this so that you will have realistic expectations, you know how crafty you are, let that be enough. Because of this, how you market your collision repair business will be more challenging.

PDR Technician: Save Yourself $ On Your Start-Up Business Cards

business cards

The very first thing that you want to do upon graduating from school is to get yourself some business cards and brochures. This will have been mentioned in your business development training and hopefully you have been giving this a lot of thought. If you don’t know how to use Photoshop or just don’t have the program, no worries, there are many options out there. You could just use Word, there are plenty of templates there for you to work with.

First, design your business card, design your own logo or choose a picture from a library of generic logos. Keep in mind that most of your customers will want a serious business card so you will want to keep the super duper designing down to a minimal. Now for your younger generation, say a high school student with their first car, having crazy, flashy cards could be cool. So make two different types. On both, you don’t want to crowd the space by having too many slogans. Keep your cards simple and to the point. The same could be said for your brochures. If your potential customer can’t read your brochure in 30 seconds, then you’ve lost them. It’s just that simple.

Once you are ready to go to print, you will want to choose a company that will do a professional job but you don’t need to sell a child to go there. There are companies out there that are pretty reasonable. You could go to Vista Print.com or take a step up and go to Moo.com. Moo.com offers the half card that is pretty handy and stands out from the others, not just in size but in texture. Very nice.

Whichever you choose, be sure to take the first six months testing the waters. Your patience will be worth it in the end and will have saved you a bundle.

PDR Technicians: Offer A Warranty Card For Repeat Business


The very one thing that a customer doesn’t expect is for you, a PDR Technician, to offer a Warranty. This is your ‘Ace in the Hole”. Put your Warranty on a 3×5 card, use the colorful ones, then upon completing the job, have them sign it, which causes their brain to imprint it into their memory, and place it in the glove box for them. All of these actions cause the memory to go into overdrive and in the future when they have a new dent, or they have a friend with a new dent, they know to go into their glove box and they will find that colorful 3×5 card with their warranty and your contact information.

So what type of Warranty are you giving? Perhaps one of the biggest complaints from customers that we hear is the fact that their paint has cracked as a result of the work done by a PDR Technician. By the time that you go into retail, you should be well past this possibility. You will need to practice on your car and more after graduating to be sure that you not only keep up on your learned skills but improve upon them. It won’t take very long for you to be a pro and have total faith in offering a Warranty on this.

Using a Warranty for your work is a good way to secure that you get the business that your competition can’t get. If you have a potential customer who says that they can get the work done for cheaper, stop and ask them if the work comes with a Warranty. The answer will be no at least 90% of the time. Your Warranty should offer a lifetime guarantee, and a transferable Warranty on your work covering paint problems.


PDR Technicians: This Is How NOT To Write A Blog Post Part II

So we have talked about what you should be doing as a business as far as posting to your blog. There is a certain expectation from the general public, and yes there is a way to speak with men which is different than how you would speak to women. When you are posting to your blog, you are going to have to understand that you are speaking with both men and women. So, your tone is going to have to be neutral, no slang, no smack, no cuss words, basically nothing distasteful. You may have the elderly, women, men, teenagers and anything else you can think of.

I want to finally give you an example of How NOT to blog. Follow this link when you have the time to really get the whole story because it is the best cautionary tale that I can share with you. This is found on Twitter and it was lead by this post.This is how Kelly Blazek, the biggest Northeast Ohio marketing/creative job posting leader, treats young job-seekers: imgur.com/gallery/71sQ92K  . Basically a woman who provided job seekers. Follow the provided link.

<img class="autosized-media aligncenter" title="Your humility lesson for the year from a 'professional' – Imgur" alt="View image on imgur website" src="https://o.twimg.com/1/proxy.jpg?t=FQQVBhggaHR0cDovL2kuaW1ndXIuY29tLzcxc1E5MksucG5nPzIUAhYAEgA&s=8Z2NudbYykDVqeGi_GS3h3MVxOWDUZkP1a731Oe9lCs" width="472" height="500" data-src-2x="https://o.twimg.com/1/proxy visit here.jpg?t=FQQVBhggaHR0cDovL2kuaW1ndXIuY29tLzcxc1E5MksucG5nPzIUBBYAEgA&s=unX7O16d41_OX8w8Z6mB816x4MHQcia22tBtlwHEI78″ data-width=”497″ data-height=”527″ />

Now that you have had a chance to read her response, my guess is that you, like so many others, were blown away. She must have been under an unbelievable amount of stress to pop-off with this response. This response has pretty much destroyed her business. She can apologize until the end of time but I just don’t think that it will make a difference. Apparently this was not the only letter that she wrote with such a smart mouth response and all was exposed from that moment on.

The point of this message is that Social Media will kill you or make you a Superstar. Be warned however, that one false or wrong move, and the world will hold you accountable and make it their own personal mission to destroy you. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at Paintless Dent Repair Training Academy.

PDR Technicians: This Is How NOT To Write A Blog Post Part I

The purpose of writing blog posts is to educate your readers on offers you may have and suggestions to help them out. Certainly you want your readers to leave comments on your Posts and engage them with your mind boggling ideas. That would be every bloggers hope, the opportunity to draw attention to their business. When readers love what you wrote there is a whole slew of things that happen as a result. For example, they share your post with friends, they contact you immediately for a quote. The Aha light goes off in their head and suddenly they have been enlightened and raised to another dimension. Oh I know, “Pie in the Sky” thinking, but it could happen.

The very last thing that you want to do is to come off as disconnected, rude, short, lacking luster, there are a host of names I could come up with but I am hoping you are getting my point. You have to make an effort to be conversational, helpful, all knowing, a guru in your field, and most of all approachable. You have to be there to clarify your words, describe what you mean, and be able to politely offer suggestions even if you think your reader asked the dumbest question in the world. Remember, this is not all about you, it’s about what you can do for someone else. You’re offering a service that is an infant in your industry. You’re providing your readers an option that they didn’t even know existed.

You are quite literally shaping your readers into buyers and the tone of your writing will set the pace. You do NOT, under any circumstances want to come off as a know it all nor do you want to sound condescending with your responses. If you seriously want to make money, you will watch what you say no matter what kind of a day you have had.

Follow me to the next post to learn how somebody, who has quite a successful business online, really messed this up.

PDR Technicians: Learn How To Treat Your Customer’s Well Part II

To treat your customer’s well, we have already discussed anticipating their every needs, the next three things should follow:

1. You need to respect your your customer’s. This can be done just by being courteous to them. The next step would be listening to their ideas and thoughts with regards to what they want done to their vehicle. They may have done their homework and just need their thoughts to be heard. Lend an ear and allow them to share.

2. Treat your customer’s as though they were the very most important customer’s you have. Believe it or not, they can make your life a living, well you know what I mean. The important thing to remember is that they have the money that you want. The only way you are going to get it is to give them the VIP treatment. Don’t go for overkill or come off fake. Everyone can see through that snowball. Simply treat them very well. Offer solutions and let them know that it makes no difference what they want, you are willing to do whatever it takes. However, don’t sell yourself short, you may want their business but you don’t have to give your work away. You too should be respected.

3. Stand behind your work. If there is a mistake made or something forgotten, you need to do more than apologize to the customer, you need to offer a solution. Back up your work, don’t play the blame game and don’t make ridiculous excuses that you both know are just that, ridiculous. Even if what is upsetting them seems like a very small mistake, you treat it as if it is the biggest mistake that you have ever made. You may have to lose some money over this but your reputation will far surpass the loss. Establishing this reputation is the one thing that will make you a winner.

Questions? Paintless Dent Repair Training Academy.

PDR Technicians: Learn How To Treat Your Customer’s Well Part I

Treating your customers well should be your number one priority and is the one thing that will gain you repeat business and word of mouth business. So how do you treat your customer’s well? First, you need to think very sincerely about how you feel when you are treated as if you are a gnat to be squashed, or a fly to shoo away, or even the alarm clock to be silenced. Have you ever been somewhere, like out to dinner, getting your hair cut, or at the theater, where the person waiting on you barely takes one single look at you while talking or telling you the meal of the day? People in general don’t truly engage with their customer’s. Don’t you leave feeling particularly ignored? Perhaps even angry that something or someone else was obviously more important than you are. Would you recommend them? Would you even go back to them?

These are the very things that you have got to never let yourself ever do. The first thing that you have to do is to anticipate their needs. They may have gone online or called you for a quote. Anticipating their needs would look something like this:

You show up to your clients home to quote on three sizable dents but soon discover that there are an additional six dents that are small but noticeable. You would quote the three large dents and throw in the six smaller ones as a bonus. Be sure of course that you quote high enough that you will make a profit on the additional six dents. You know that they would love to get the additional six dents done but don’t feel that they could afford it.

This is the first step to anticipating your customer’s needs. Follow me to Part II.

Questions? Paintless Dent Repair Training Academy.

How You Can Help Your Customer’s Get Ready To Sell Their Used Car

Once you get your name out the as a PDR Technician, or to help you get your name out there, you should offer your customer’s and would be customer’s an opportunity to print out your pdf instructions on ‘How To Get Your Used Car Ready To Sell’. This is a document that you will create. You’ll fill it full of some helpful suggestions, but as it applies to your PDR services, you will want to plant the idea in their head and then offer a coupon that they can apply to your services. With coupons, when you create them, you will want to raise your prices so that you aren’t taking a hit when they use the coupon for your services. You don’t want to go crazy with the price raising or you will lose their interest. There’s a fine line when doing this and you will have to decide which side of that line you want to be on. You want your customer to feel like they just got the deal of a lifetime.

So what you will include in your newsletter or flyer is, if online, the link to your pdf checklist adding the following:

1. Deep Cleaning-You will want to mention all of the places where dirt resides and that 85% of sellers forget is in the seams of the upholstery. Also, as it pertains to upholstery, you will want to include your services for removing smells, taking out stains, and bringing the upholstery back to its long lost color and luster as it was when new. You can color the seats very easily removing sun damage and so much more. Don’t forget to add the price.

2. Windshield Damage and Dents-Be sure to offer these services and offer a package deal.

3. Advertising-Be sure to instruct your customer’s to be honest about their car. If it needs work, don’t try to mask it, fix it or let them know what estimates you received for the fix.

If you think of more just add it to your pdf/flyer. If you need ideas or any help contact Paintless Dent Repair Academy, we’re here to help.

Sometimes Your Friends Are Just Toxic

There is a very definite difference from showing concern to being toxic. A toxic acquaintance will jump at every opportunity to laugh at you, not with you. Whatever you have to say is instantly not as important as what they have to say negatively about you. You can never get a word in edgewise and they take great pleasure in your suffering. This is a toxic relationship. You know it is and on many occasions you have questioned yourself on why you choose to hang out with this person.

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