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How Much Money Can Be Made Repairing Dings and Dents?


pdr customersPotential PDR Customers

PDR customers’ Paintless Dent Removal pricing varies not only by competition, but also whether you’re going to be working in the wholesale or retail markets. Pricing today usually ranges anywhere from $50 to $100 per dent. Sometimes pricing can be less, but that would be quoted by you for a larger number of cars you’d work on at one time, generally for a used car dealer with lots of cars. It’s important to remember that most cars have more than one ding, so offer your customers a package price and a small discount so you can build your average repair invoice even higher by repairing more damage for each of your PDR customers.

Please refer to the chart below to evaluate the national average for both retail and wholesale paintless dent removal.

2014 National Averages
Paintless Dent Repair

Average Repair Charge- $100.00

Average Time To Complete Repair- 30 Minutes

Hypothetical Number of Repairs Per Day- 5

Hypothetical Revenue Generated Per Day- $500.00

Average Weekly Revenue (based upon 5 day work week)-  $2,500

Average Revenue Per Year (based upon 52 weeks)- $130,000

*We recommend you cut the average repair charge in half if working with used car dealers or wholesalers.

Potential PDR Customers


Opportunities for paintless dent removal business owners exist in many market sectors. During your training, you’ll discuss ideas for developing these new PDR customers and receive a business development book for setting up your new business. Below is a listing of just some of the markets that are being served.

Car and truck owners appreciate our system’s on-site capabilities, especially in the area of hail, door dings and large dent repair which were normally repaired by body shops. Your service will save customers hundreds of dollars at lease turn in and help to retain the value of their prized possession. Utilization of our proprietary refinishing process will allow you to do the job completely on-site, usually in less than an hour.

By offering on-site paintless dent repair and our precision repair techniques, it is ideally suited to meet the needs of the used car industry. Whether their trade-ins, auction vehicles or newly acquired used car inventory have any type of damage, you’ll repair them one ding at a time, thus helping them make their used cars “front line ready”.

The amount of damage that occurs on a new car dealers operation is staggering. Transportation, warehousing, and wear and tear of inventory parked too close together on the lot are frequent points of damage. New car dealers turn to our network of trained and certified technicians to insure their fleet is always in tip top shape.

Developing a working relationship with insurance companies and body shops after a hail storm hits is key to cashing in on a hail catastrophe. Every major insurance company endorses paintless dent repair as a viable alternative to conventional body shop repairs. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually on this type of small damage and PDR technicians who possess the necessary skills are cashing in.

Consider the amount of automobiles in commercial office buildings and smaller office complexes. On-site capabilities, coupled with our proven processes make our paintless dent repair network the perfect solution for businesses on a budget.

Transportation companies, limousine companies and government agencies are all potential fleet accounts for your PDR business. The best feature for this type of account is consistent volume.

Each of these businesses already deal with PDR customers that enjoy keeping their car or truck looking its best so it stands to reason that by contacting them and informing of your business, they would be great sources for retail business.