Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ti-22 Titanium Ceramic Coatings system chemical package “ADD-ON”

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Hands-On Training for our Ceramic Coating System
We offer the most thorough hands-on training teaching you how to properly prep and apply ceramic coatings. Our Certified Experts will train and certify you with Ti-22 Titanium Ceramic Coatings. With our expert training and quality products, you’ll gain the knowledge and wisdom to help you build a profitable business.

Ceramic Coating System 
Ti-22 Titanium Ceramic Coatings System is not a paint protection, wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time. It is a nano ceramic coating that forms a permanent adhesion to the paint and can only be removed through abrasion. No chemical can dissolve the coating.

Hardness Above 9H
When the coat hardens it creates a glass-like coat that’s rated above 9H. This scale is used in the coating industry to determine hardness, 9H is the highest on the scale. The coat will stay hard for a lifetime if maintained correctly.

Super Gloss & Super Hydrophobic
The shine from this product is not comparable to any other product on the market. It has to be seen in real life.

What You Will Learn

  • Importance of Proper Paint Correction
  • Determining the Thickness of the Paint
  • Proper Application or Base Coat and Top Coats
  • How to determine what grit sandpaper and when
  • Techniques for the Perfect Showroom Appearance

One on One Ceramic Coating Training

We are the only school that only trains one person at a time. Why would you want to train with several people, when you can come here for the same price.

Our Ti-22 Titanium Ceramic Coatings Course is Instructed by a 30 Year Auto Detail Professional and is Provided 1-on-1 for Optimal Learning!

  • 1 Day of Training
  • Ti-22 Titanium Ceramic Coatings System Application
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Business Development

Ti-22 Titanium Ceramic Coatings System has been chemically formulated to provide all surfaces with the ultimate shine, easy maintenance and permanent protection.

Ti-22 nano coatings provide 9H hardness for the highest standard nanotechnology for the exterior paint finish, interior, wheels, glass and trim. We provide for full protection and ultimate shine that last for years and years.

  • Industry Leading Nano Ceramic Coating Technology
  • Extensive Marketing Materials to Support Your Sales Process
  • Comprehensive Consumer Marketing to Raise Brand Awareness
  • Exclusive Access to Professional Wholesale Pricing Portal
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Product sold separately.

Ti-22 Titanium Ceramic Coatings Course:

This course is designed to provide detailed information about Ti-22 Titanium Ceramic Coatings products, processes, with hands on applications. It is highly recommended to take the Paint Correction course prior to attending our Ti-22 Titanium Ceramic Coatings Class.


  • Background and history of ceramic coatings
  • Current industry standards
  • Ceramic coatings -vs- polymers and waxes
  • Coating myths (and there are MANY!)
  • Communicating your services and client pricing
  • Coating matte/satin vinyl wrap finishes
  • What to do when it is time to re-coat
  • How long do coatings really last?
  • How important is coating hardness ratings?
  • Single and multiple-layer coating options
  • Plastic trim coating
  • Wheel and caliper coating
  • Glass coating
  • Textile and Leather coating
  • Understanding environmental conditions and curing times
  • Offering proper maintenance plans
  • Communicating to your clients the maintenance products needed
  • Classroom presentation and hands-on
  • Class limited to 4 students
  • Upon completion, you will receive a Ding King Certification
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Ceramic Coating Training
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