PDR Business Development

PDR Business Development

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PDR Business Development


PDR Business DevelopmentEqually important as receiving proper training and quality equipment is learning the most effective tools for developing your customer base and increasing sales. We’ve utilized and practiced the same marketing concepts as we present to you in our Business and Marketing Courses. These concepts really do work! We grew from a “one man in a van” to servicing over 450 dealership accounts and operating a chain of retail service centers.

Our goal is to share our marketing strategies with you and help you grow and prosper by operating your own successful Paintless Dent Repair business. We can’t promise instant riches, of course-there really is no easy money. But if you follow the basic concepts we’ll teach you, you’ll be successful in growing your business. We understand the obstacles you might encounter and have assisted you by creating the most thorough PDR Business Development Manual available. With each graduate’s success, it’s another success story for us.

Paintless Dent Repair Training Academy has the experience and resources to help you with all your online and offline marketing needs; lead-generating website design, hosting, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media management, Craigslist ads, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, email campaigns, blog article creation, link building, sales scripts and so much more.

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We Will Teach You…

  • Access of All Panels
  • Safety Maneuvering Around Air Bags
  • PDR Tool Usage
  • Dent Reading Perfected
  • Fog Boards – Hard Line and Fog Line Reading Techniques
  • Non-Drill Options
  • Identifying High’s and Low’s – Proper Tapping Process
  • Double Skinned Areas
  • Heating of Paint for Greater Flexibility
  • Glue Pulling
  • Basic Door Ding and Dent Removal
  • Hail Damage
  • Larger Deeper Dents
  • Crease Repair – Vertical and Horizontal
  • Bodyline Dents
  • Compound Curved Dents, Smiles, Ridges and Lip Bend Damage
  • Stretched Metal Dents
  • Techniques for Working Aluminum
  • Working On Top Panels – Under Braces on Hoods, Roofs and Deck Lids
  • Working on Side Panels – Crash Bars and Side Impact Bracing
  • Wet Sanding and Texturing for Orange Peel Painted Surfaces