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Paintless Dent Repair Tools for Professionals

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“A tool is a tool is a tool”. I heard that a lot growing up and didn’t know better until I tried to unscrew a screw from a piece of furniture I was assembling with a phillips head screwdriver. I put so much energy and elbow power with no luck. The only luck I had was bad luck, as I stripped the driver. The darn screw was hardened properly thus stripping the Phillips head tip of my driver which felt like soft metal putty, and I was left with a worthless tool. It did look nice though! So much for looking nice and offering little in the way of performance!

With this story behind us, you can more easily understand that pretty tools are not the most important feature, particularly in the dent repair business. Stainless steel tools look good and if hardened and manufactured correctly, can and will provide the strength necessary to work dents out from behind some pretty strong crash bars and other bracing mechanisms. On the flip side, some techs have used the old style of cold rolled tools. They are strong, but they become ugly quickly with rust and maintenance includes wiping each of the tools down with WD40. There is nothing like a greasy tool with a little bit of rust build up. It’s therefore a very simple choice for what tools we’ve used for 15 years and our customers have come to appreciate their quality and durability. Each PDR Tool we make is made from 17-4 hardened Stainless Steel!


Glue Pulling Kit

DK Glue Puller Tbar 5 Y 5 B Tabs gun bottle 20 glueGlue pulling is a process of removing dents using various shape glue tabs, hot glue, slide hammer and knock down tools. The glue is applied to the tabs and placed on the dent. After drying for a short time, a technician uses a slide hammer to pull on the glue tab. The idea is to pull the dent back level or a little higher, in which case the high can be tapped back down to level.

Glue pulling is an important part of PDR these days and that is precisely why we include our Deluxe Glue Puller with all our PDR training programs. Our Kit will allow you to remove dents in hard to access areas without drilling. This is very important for any tech that plans on doing any insurance work, hail damage or minor collision. Most insurance companies have a NO DRILL policy when it comes to PDR. These PDR tools do just the job!


Dent Lighting

dent_lightOur high quality, top-of-the-line lighting unit is perfect for any dent repair technician. These PDR tools base allows stability and can be telescoped and positioned so light reflect onto any panel you’re working. Our light features a swivel head, sturdy black appearance as well as injection molded fittings for positioning your light at different angles.
dent_boardOur Dent Board, also known in the industry as a “fog board” attaches to a power grip pump-up suction cup so you can place it anywhere on the car you desire, even glass. These PDR tools are perfect when no electrical outlets are available.



Call us today and speak with any of our dent technicians or instructors and we will customize a paintless dent repair tool set inclusive of lights, fog boards, accessories and glue pullers to fit your specific needs.

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All PDR Tools Feature
  • A Lifetime Guarantee
  • Properly Heat Treated
  • Stainless Steel
  • Comfort Grips
  • PDR Tool Sets Ranging from 15 Tools to 70 Piece Sets
  • Wide Variety of Diameters for Greater Access
  • Intelligently Shaved Tip Designs for Maneuvering Under Braces