Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrap

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Color Change Wrap Training Program

At The Paintless Dent Repair Training Academy, we will teach you in fine nuances of how to customize vehicles so you own your own vehicle customization business. While learning this trade requires practice, we will teach you the hands-on skills and techniques for becoming a professional a color change vehicle wraps specialist!

We will teach you how to convert any vehicle from one color to another, whether its matte black or some flashy high gloss color wrap.

Personalized One-On-One Vehicle Wrap and Vehicle Graphics Training with Professional Hands-on Instruction

A blue range rover parked in front of a building.
Turn Vehicle from Black to Blue
A yellow van with the words ding kids services on it.
Custom Vehicle Wrap Graphics
Vehicle wrap options.
Vehicle Wrap Options

The Paintless Dent Repair Training Academy offers 3-day and 5-day vehicle wrap training programs that include vehicle graphics and complete color change. You’ll develop your skills along side a Certified Master Technician using live vehicles to apply vehicle graphics. Learn in 3 days, practice with your instructor for an additional 2 days, it’s your choice.

Van, Truck & Car Wraps
The Maximum ROI for Your Customers Advertising Dollars The Paintless Dent Repair Training Academy Certified Instructors will teach you how to apply vehicle graphics to extend your customers brand’s voice to the highways, businesses, and neighborhoods of your customers anywhere they travel.

Vehicle wraps give your customers brand unbeatable exposure. Parked at high-traffic locations or driven through target neighborhoods, your message will be seen and understood by tens of thousands of potential customers, on one of the most cost-efficient advertising platforms available.

Our team of vehicle graphic applicators have over 20 years experience designing, printing, and installing customized commercial wraps for vehicles of all sizes. Our graphics will help your clientele how to attract potential customers with beautiful eye-catching graphics and bold messaging. Contact us today for a consultation on your ideas or to quote your project.

Make Vehicles One of a Kind

Our Vehicle Color Change service transforms vehicles into a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork with the best vinyl available in the market. We offer many different choices in color such as matte, gloss, metallic and different finished such as chrome, carbon fiber and brushed steel as well as custom colors. Our wraps protect your OEM paint and are 100% removable. Besides, the cost is considerably less than a comparable matte or metallic finish paint job.

Matte Black
Since the inception of vehicle wraps, matte black has been an extremely popular choice. For over 20 years, our clients have been opting for this color and texture combo because it gives off a stealth look, yet also stands out from the crowd. We’ll teach you to meticulously apply in the most professional manner, while limiting making mistakes.

A man is painting a blue car in a garage.
Master The Craft of PPF
A food truck with the words mad dumblings california.
Learn To Wrap any Size Vehicle
A blue audi r8 spyder parked in front of a garage.
Color Change Vehicle Wrap

Gloss Wraps
Gloss wraps come in over 100 different colors, including easy-to-maintain metallics. Stop by our shop to see the color swatch books from 3M and Avery Dennison. We’ll also give you tips on how to properly take care of your customers new glossy wrap.

Extend The Life of Your Wraps With Our Ceramic Coating
The Ceramic Coating product we use is uniquely designed to protect color-change wraps as well as printed vinyl wraps, protecting it from the elements your wrap faces on a daily basis.

Ceramic Coating makes it much easier to keep your wraps clean and helps to prevent staining from dirt ingression, as well as reducing yellowing caused by UV rays.

Best time to apply Ceramic Coating is when your wrap is new and before is exposed to the elements.  Ask us how this small investment will extend the life and durability of your customers wrap. This is one of the best up-sells you could offer your customer as our Ceramic Coating is perfect for newly applies vehicle wraps.