How To Get Rid Of The Parts Department Middle Man Part I


How much would you appreciate not having to go to the part store for parts of any kind? No more standing in line waiting your turn, interrupting your day and work progress, the list goes on and on. The benefits are tremendous and far outweigh any previous experience. As a PDR Technician, your parts needs may be less than say a body shop or a mechanic. But imagine if you will, that you are quoting a vehicle for collision repair and already you see that there are parts that will need to be replaced. Once you have removed the dents there is collateral damage, such as the running lights or the headlight frame and even the bulb. True, you may not have physically fixed these areas but that doesn’t mean that once you do repair the area that you are responsible for fixing is perfect but the hardware no longer is.

Imagine again, that you are at a customer’s home and you are quoting a job. By now you have enough experience to know that you will need these parts to complete the whole finished product. Fortunately for you, PartsTrader is just a click away. You submit what you need, and you receive a response within 15 minutes. You may receive several bids. All you have to do now is let your customer know how much the parts will be and they can sign off on it. Place your order and the parts are at your door within a couple of days. How much easier can it get?

PartsTrader is an electronic parts procurement system that had its initial pilot launch just over 25 months ago. Since that time 750,000 quote requests have been processed and one million orders have been confirmed click here to find out more. The initial national rollout began in August 2013 with the real roll out this past April 17th.  Collision repairers and even parts suppliers have access to this program in all 48 continental states and the District of Columbia.

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