Do You Know How Paint Material Caps Apply To You, In Your State? Part II

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Do You Know How Paint Material Caps Apply To You, In Your State? Part II

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Case in point, Missouri, there is a fair claims section (20CSR100-1.050 Section (20) (d) which reads that an insurer “cannot prepare an estimate unless the amount is such that the person can reasonably be expected to have the care repaired for the estimated amount.” If you only look at the word reasonable, you will see that this is a nightmare. Reasonable to who? Your idea of reasonable may be completely different than mine so it’s open to interpretation and a set up for the repairers locked into a head butt with the insurers. Repairers are forced to use other words to collect their cost on paint and materials and find themselves having to prove their need for any additional paint material allowances. It’s a nightmare.

So then, what does paint and materials really mean? Does it include body fillers, special bonding agents, etc. or would you consider these things to be body supplies? Then, if they’re not, why isn’t there a line item for these items? Are they simply a part of the overhead? If so, how can you effectively raise your prices in other things so that the shop or personal business doesn’t fail in the end? For most, this cost is too absorbent and a shutdown is sure to follow.

It is thought that throwing out the Paint & Materials line item or referencing it as “Only estimated Paint & Materials-actual cost to be billed on invoice amount.” This would be a simple solution and would be the easiest and most financially responsible method for all concerned.

Without some sort of true definition of paint and materials and the method of calculating/billing is changed, there will always be some sort of conflict on every level ways to lose weight quickly. In the meantime, while waiting for the impossible, try the method above and stay connected to the changes that will hopefully come.