Additional Profit Centers

Additional Profit Centers

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PDR Profits – Upsell Example 1


Start Earning PDR Profits

PDR Profit Example: You have a retail customer with a dent in the door they want repaired. You estimate it and get the job! Super, but what about offering that customer any other auto appearance services and upsell them into services they would probably love to have done to their car such as:

• Scuffed Bumper Repair for the minor scrapes and gauges
• Paint Chip and Touch up for Chipped Door Edges
• Wheel Repair for Curb Rash Wheels
• Odor Removal for the terrible smoke smell
• Windshield Repair for those annoying chips that might spread into a crack

Sure, it will take a greater investment on your part to equip yourself with the necessary tools and training, but now you have more services to offer your customers. This is just one way for increasing each and every invoice you write.

PDR Profits – Upsell Example 2


Real PDR Profits

Think about pulling up to a used car dealership, and they sell 30 cars per month and have to wait for 6 outside vendors to show up to make their cars front line ready. What a serious pain this is for many auto dealers. They don’t like relying on a vendor to only be let down by them not showing up, or worse yet, pay more money to “recon” the car than they have to.

By offering used car dealers a reduced rate of approximately 25% less than they are currently spending, you increase your chances of getting the account due to the convenience factor and cost savings that is being offered. If you have any doubts about this business concept, visit 10 dealers you would like to service and let me know how things go.

PDR Training Topics

As I pulled up to my favorite fast food drive thru the other day, I reflected upon the “art of the Upsell.”

“I’d like 2 small cheeseburgers please.” How about some French fries to go with those hamburgers sir?”

I know my kids will like that. “What size?” “Make them a large please.” “Can I offer you a soft drink?” “Sure, I’d like a small Diet Coke please.”

“Would you like me to Super Size these for you sir?” “No thank you.”

They successfully upsold me from $1.18 for my two hamburgers to just over $5 bucks. Now, let’s relate this daily scenario to the paintless dent repair business.