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PDR School – Paintless Dent Repair is Not for Everyone!

It’s important for you know this up front. Learning the craft of paintless dent repair & paintless dent removal requires a number of things. Most importantly:

  1. You will need good or correctable vision and possess good hand eye coordination.
  2. You should be extremely attentive to detail and focused on perfection.
  3. You must receive thorough and quality instruction.
  4. You must understand that in order for you to become skilled and successful in paintless dent repair, you must practice, continue to practice and remain patient during this learning curve.

Your Success is Our Success

We want to give each of our customers the opportunity to be as successful as possible. Over the years we’ve re-trained many people who have received poor quality dent repair instruction and have witnessed complete frustration and poor quality repairs. It doesn’t need to be like that and we truly believe our PDR school’s training is superior to any other program offered. Just talk to any or our successful Paintless Dent Repair tech’s working in the field.

Important Questions about Paintless Dent Repair Training

pdr schoolPDR School Training

The first and most important questions to ask yourself while conducting your research for dent repair training are the following:

  1. Are you looking for “one-on-one” training / PDR School?
    We offer it!
  2. Would you prefer training in a small group with two or three instructors?
    We offer this option as well. Paintless Dent Repair training is also available with class sizes with a low student to instructor ratio.
  3. Do you want to receive training on the East Coast, Mid West, West Coast or On-Site?
    We offer Paintless Dent Repair training across the United States.
  4. How much time can you get away to receive your initial Paintless Dent Repair training?
    Classes are available in either one or two week increments and if desired, you may stay longer for no additional cost.
  5. Do you want to receive a dent repair business analysis of the competition in your area?
    We can assist you with an evaluation of the competition in your area free of charge.
  6. Are you looking for the cheapest training or the highest quality?
    There is a difference! Cheap training could very well be the most expensive training. We’ve re-trained technicians from all over the world and many share similar feelings of frustration and wish they had made the correct choice the first time around. This is a high quality Paintless Dent Repair training course and is 100% Guaranteed with nationwide referrals who are successful in Paintless Dent Repair.
  7. Is receiving State Licensed training important to you?
    You are assured quality, over-the-shoulder training on a variety of vehicles.

As you continue to investigate PDR schools training and develop questions, we welcome you to contact us for honest and straightforward answers about your particular business objectives.

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