PDR Technicians: Offer A Warranty Card For Repeat Business


The very one thing that a customer doesn’t expect is for you, a PDR Technician, to offer a Warranty. This is your ‘Ace in the Hole”. Put your Warranty on a 3×5 card, use the colorful ones, then upon completing the job, have them sign it, which causes their brain to imprint it into their memory, and place it in the glove box for them. All of these actions cause the memory to go into overdrive and in the future when they have a new dent, or they have a friend with a new dent, they know to go into their glove box and they will find that colorful 3×5 card with their warranty and your contact information.

So what type of Warranty are you giving? Perhaps one of the biggest complaints from customers that we hear is the fact that their paint has cracked as a result of the work done by a PDR Technician. By the time that you go into retail, you should be well past this possibility. You will need to practice on your car and more after graduating to be sure that you not only keep up on your learned skills but improve upon them. It won’t take very long for you to be a pro and have total faith in offering a Warranty on this.

Using a Warranty for your work is a good way to secure that you get the business that your competition can’t get. If you have a potential customer who says that they can get the work done for cheaper, stop and ask them if the work comes with a Warranty. The answer will be no at least 90% of the time. Your Warranty should offer a lifetime guarantee, and a transferable Warranty on your work covering paint problems.


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