PDR Master Glue Pull Course

PDR Master Glue Pull Course

1 Day Training Course

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Master Glue Pull Course

Approximately 30% of the vehicles driving on the roads today have limited or no access to remove dings and dents using traditional PDR Tools. In 2002, The Ding King pioneered glue pulling for Paintless Dent Repairs and the glue pulling industry continues to just get better and better with the development of various glue tabs and glue pull devices; all of which are included at no extra cost in every Ding King PDR Training Program including the Master Glue Pull Course.

PDR Training course

Ding King has implemented lesson plans into each PDR Training course for you to learn how to glue pull a variety of damages. Ding King also offers two additional courses for MASTER GLUE PULLING. The first is our Online Glue Pull Course and second is our 1-Day Master Glue Pull Training Session. Mastering the are of glue pulling is a necessity when repairing hail damaged vehicles. This will also help line your pockets with money. Many technicians turn down jobs as they don’t have the proper knowledge and skill sets.

What You Will Learn:

As you can see, The Ding King Glue Pull Courses will teach you how to make cleaner and faster repairs. We will make you a better technician and keep you a step ahead of your competition.

While most PDR technicians are excellent at pushing metal with their rods, glue pull techniques have advanced. They have advanced to the point that proper instruction and supervision are required to perfect the art.

Ding King has all the technology and know-how to teach you the latest techniques utilizing all the greatest products the industry has available.

We’ll teach you how to use the mini lifter and slide hammer to remove the most challenging damage.

Begin learning Paintless Dent Repair utilizing our online PDR training course.

Hail & Door Dings

From hail and door dings to creases and pressure dents, you’ll use a variety of dent pulling devices. You will also use different types of glue for different stubbornness and temperatures, as well as all the different glue tabs on the market.

At Ding King, we are all about results and we want you to finish class with the knowledge and confidence to crush the competition.

This Glue Pull Course is a 1-day program designed for you to hit the ground running. Our goal is for you to make more money and do the repairs you lacked the knowledge or confidence to repair prior to class

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Introduction to Glue Pull Devices, Adhesive Glue and Pull Tabs
  • Learn to Eliminate Damage on all Types of Metal Including Aluminum
  • Work on Hail Damage and Rails
  • Master Big Dents, Creases and Pressure Dents
  • PDR Glue Pull Certification Provided Upon Completion of Class
A man is applying Master Glue Pull techniques to repair his leg x-ray.
A man is using a tool to make a hole in a car during the Master Glue Pull Course.
A person is using a blue sprayer to clean a car during the Master Glue Pull Course.
A man is participating in a Master Glue Pull Course while working on a car in a shop.
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