Are You Taking Your Training To The Next Level? Part II

Are You Taking Your Training To The Next Level? Part I
July 8, 2014
Are You Taking Your Training To The Next Level? Part III
July 10, 2014
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Are You Taking Your Training To The Next Level? Part II

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Lack of proper knowledge and education is a problem that has plagued the industry for years. Now, with the complexity of new cars, it has become downright dangerous for both the technicians and car owners. It’s not only the technicians fault though if they were improperly trained. There are several key things that can derail the value of training and some of that lays squarely on the shoulders of some industry professionals that have a negative attitude about training. Shops need to cultivate an environment that supports and even offers additional training for technicians. A simple offering of pizza and training during the lunch hour or just after work can increase production. Now instead of flying with blind folds, you have technicians that have at the very least, heard of these new changes in the industry.

Training is the very least that should be offered to technicians and it should be conducted in a motivated way so that the technicians are more willing and able to retain the information. If you go into a training feeling like this whole thing is stupid, so will your technicians think. You want to encourage changed behaviors and training initiatives.

Creating structure within your shop or within yourself if you are a PDR technician is your first goal. Sign up for industry news through onsite spots like FenderBender and more. There are many to choose from and any new education is better than none. Say you spend Sundays, if in business for yourself, searching all industry news. Not just collision but also the automotive industry overall. How else will you learn about electrical systems that could affect your overall finished product? Maybe you won’t have such an unrelated situation as the previous story, but you may find that you accidentally disconnect wires while performing your duties in dent repair. If you don’t understand the intricacies of that particular car, you’ll be sorry.