Is Walmart Offering Car Insurance?

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Is Walmart Offering Car Insurance?



Walmart has jumped into the auto insurance arena, or have they? When I first saw this I was like “What?” Okay, I didn’t say it exactly like that but I was really surprised. Then I did the homework. I don’t that it would have too much of a reach to think that Walmart would or could start their very own insurance company. Certainly they have the money to back such a venture, they have their own auto repair department so sure, why not? Running an insurance company is a messy venture. Who wants to deal with what is covered and who can work on it? What a mess. Talk about unhappy customers.

So no, they did not they start their own insurance company. What they did was partner with which provides consumers with an online auto insurance price comparison service.

With, customers can get multiple quotes from many of the leading national insurance carriers. This list includes Progressive, Esurance, Safeco, The General and more. They say that their system will offer customers choices and all within minutes of entering their system. Senior Vice President of services, Daniel Eckert says that “Our business is driven by a commitment to taking products and services that are complex and pricey and making them easy and affordable. Our customers too often have to settle for auto insurance policies that aren’t the best fit and cost more than they want to spend. With, we’re helping our customers save money on one of their largest household expenses in a new, quick and easy way.”

This may not be big news but it’s good to know news. Since as a PDR Technician, you may find yourself dealing with insurance companies and customers who carry them. At least you are now in the know.