Alloy Wheel Repair: One Of The Newest Packages For The Student

You may know someone or be the someone who is suffering with horrible chipped at and curb rubbed wheels. “Paintless Dent Repair” has added this package to its long list of available courses that you can take. This is a Brand New proprietary Alloy Wheel Refinishing System which utilizes state-of-the-art technology. This allows you the student to repair wheels in less than thirty minutes with the wheel on the car.

This is an excellent stand alone car service or can be an add on to the courses you have already taken. You could even get this in the Total Recon Package #2 and #3. It makes no difference in what order you take the course, you just need to take it. This is an excellent new stream of income and quite frankly is amazing to see the results.  Most people that have rubbed or chipped Alloy Wheels until now, have felt like they would have to order new wheels to replace the destroyed ones.

The type of people you will want to approach with this new service will be those at used car lots, rental car agencies, retail car owners, insurance companies, fleet accounts, tire shops, general auto repair shops, and automotive detail shops. I’m sure if you set your mind to it you too can come up with other places to find business. Just off the top of my head would be car shows, events of any kind, grocery store parking lots. Since the service takes only a half hour, if you could get permission, you could set up a little parking space spot that the customers can come, drop off their vehicles, run in and go grocery shopping and after a half hour they can come back and their wheels are done. How much could you charge? Retail is $150, Wholesale $$60, Cost of Materials $5 and the average time to repair, as mentioned, is 30 minutes. More on Alloy Wheels to follow. Or you could call to get a free catalog at “Paintless Dent Repair”. See you soon.

Alloy Wheels And Your Creativity

When you take the Alloy Wheels Course you will learn some of the most cutting edge technology. Your courses will include curb rash, small nicks and dings, scuffs and scrapes, corrosion and color fade, gouges, custom colors, blending, clear coating, and personal safety. Your kit comes with all of the tools necessary to get you up and started the very same or  next day when leaving your two days of training.

One of the most exciting options in this package is the possibility of using custom colors instead of the standard silver. If you are working with a customer who is creative and paints amazing work on his custom cars, this could be a good time to offer up the fact that you can add those same custom colors to their wheels. For instance, if they have a custom car with flames over a black base, you could paint the wheels black on one half of the spoke and red or orange on the other half of the same spoke. Maybe it’s just me but I am having all kinds of ideas go through my mind.

You are limited only by the customers wishes and your imagination. We know that the black Alloy Wheels have gone over pretty well and look quite amazing on certain car and wheel styles. Could you imagine a very deep burgundy with a very deep black on a Porsche? Let your imagination run wild.

The Alloy Wheel classes provide hands-on instruction, you will receive a comprehensive step-by-step Reference Manual, and a full stock of supplies. If you don’t have the catalog yet you really need to get it go online or call“Paintless Dent Repair”. There is a huge picture of everything that comes in your kit, including your air gun. My next post will be on the clear coating you will be using and how to instruct your customer’s on what to do to maintain the beauty and luster that you worked so hard to add.