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PDR Training

You Have to See the Dent in Order to Remove it

PDR TrainingOne of the single most important aspects for learning the basics of PDR is to properly “read the light”. Without proper light reading techniques and understanding how to read different light sources such as fog boards and portable ding lights, it would be difficult for you to perform quality work that would meet your satisfaction. Our training curriculum is designed to help you achieve the proper and correct vision technique to produce quality repairs.

Dent theory, tool selection and panel access are equally important and are all covered during your PDR training session. You’ll learn the importance of controlling the shape of the dent as the repair is being performed and will understand the simple ways to access damage with the proper tool. As a training aid, you will watch yourself in action as we utilize video taped sessions of you repairing damage to help illustrate the molecular changes that are taking place in the sheet metal.

The PDR Process is Simple… Mastering It Is Not

Fixing Car TrunkThis is precisely why we’ve structured our training to be conducted either one-on-one, or in a small group, with additional instructors on-site to insure you have plenty of personal instruction. We understand the frustration of learning something new and through our own life’s experiences of being trained ourselves in PDR; we will help you through those rough moments and lead by example, demonstrating PDR is a craft that you will learn.

Our goal is to teach you everything necessary for you to develop your speed and quality so you can become the best technician you can be. If you desire to learn the skills necessary to repair hail and the more complex damage your competition can’t repair, then you’re who we want to teach. Fixing small door dings is one thing; repairing the larger stretched metal dents and creases is another. Remember, practice does make perfect, so be sure to practice on a regular basis for great results

PDR Training Business Package

Repairing dents is one thing and generating and growing your PDR business is another. We will teach you and provide you with all of the essential elements for building your business. Each training program includes a business development guide that covers everything listed below, as well as many other topics.

  • Used Car Lot Estimate Forms
  • Revenue Planning
  • PDR Estimating for Retail and Wholesale
  • Estimate Forms for Retail Clientele
  • Hail Damage Estimating
  • Working with Insurance Companies
  • Dealer Marketing Plan
  • Sales Techniques
  • Most Effective Advertising – This Will Work
  • Top 5 Tips for Building a Database for Repeat Retail Customers
  • Inventory Marking Systems for Used Car Dealerships

Classroom Training

Training Centers Located Across America

We have PDR training centers located around the country to make your learning experience that much more convenient. All of our PDR training centers are clean and spacious and we’ll provide you with all the training equipment and cars to work on to perfect your newly learned skills. Each PDR instructor has experience is building Paintless Dent Repair used car dealer routes, operating dent repair retail shops and hail damage repair experience working with all major insurance companies. Small Class Sizes Guarantee Personal Instruction Whether you’re looking for one-on-one PDR training or learning in a small class with multiple dent repair instructors, we have what you’re looking for. We realize everyone learns at their own pace and have designed comprehensive lesson plans that are flexible, yet challenging. With your hard earned money being invested, we provide you with the one-on-one interaction and attention you need while receiving Paintless Dent Repair & PDR training.

Unlimited PDR Training

Our most popular course for learning PDR is our 10 day program. While shorter 5 day programs are available for body shops and technicians who possess automotive experience, we believe the more training you receive, the greater the chances are you’ll be successful. Either way, we welcome you to come back for more Paintless Dent Repair & Dent Removal training at anytime and are invited to stay for as long as you desire.

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