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Our PDR Training School Promise is Simple


PDR Training School Promise:pdr training school

  • Your satisfaction PERIOD
  • You’ll get your money’s worth GUARANTEED
  • Stay as long as you like IT’S OUR PROMISE
  • You’ll learn paintless dent repair IT’S THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY

Our promise really is that simple! We understand your goal to become the best at PDR and will do everything to help you achieve it!

Our PDR training school is the World’s largest and most respected dent repair and hail removal training source in the PDR industry. Our dent removal experts have established a reputation for excellence unmatched in the industry and teach PDR because they love to! They are passionate and meticulous metal craftsman who have pushed dents and have made excellent livings in the PDR industry.

Our system’s success is firmly rooted in our dedication to providing our customers with unparalleled craftsmanship and quality service. Utilizing exclusive processes for removing damage from automobiles, our technologically advanced PDR tools and time tested training curriculum will teach you how to revitalize and preserve the value of cars and trucks, restoring and enhancing their natural beauty. In addition to delivering dramatic results, you will offer your customers the convenience by performing repairs on-site at customer’s homes and businesses. As a Paintless Dent Repair professional, you will have the opportunity to build your business on our system’s solid reputation and established methods.

Through our ongoing training programs and technical support services, we consistently embrace your business objective, “To help you develop and become successful in the PDR business.” As a valued customer, we welcome you to visit us at any time by joining one of our re-fresher courses to continue to learn new things and advance your skills.

Whether your goal is to develop an owner-operator business or a large business with many employees, our training & support staff will show you how to use our proprietary business tools to help you develop a plan, implement it and chart your progress along the way. Whatever your business size, you will want to grow profitably. We’ll teach you how to use the tools that can lead to profitable growth.

Each of our students seeking certification will be required to successfully complete our 80-hour, two-week PDR Training School program prior to being awarded their certificate. This training program is administered through each of our training centers and involves, hands-on technical training and business training. It is during this the initial training program that you will learn to perform all repairs using the advanced techniques and specialized trade secrets. On-going advanced training and certification are available to all our customers seeking to improve their current skill level.

We have long been deemed the industry leader in on-site automotive appearance repair services. Our cutting edge technology will allow you to make undetectable repairs in a fraction of the time normally associated with these repairs. Our full-time Research & Development Department continues to develop new processes and will help keep you ahead of the competition by providing you with proprietary & patented technology. This is one PDR training school that you can’t pass up.

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